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Facing Africa Noma
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The surgical treatment of noma, a joint publication of Dutch Noma Foundation and Facing Africa, is aimed at surgeons and anesthetists who see the needs of patients suffering from the sequelae of noma, and are working in developing countries or are planning to do so on a permanent basis or as part of a surgical aid programme.


War Games by Linda Polman. This is “a long overdue expose of the cynicism and corruption of the aid industry. A polemic and a blood-boilingly good one. Anyone who is thinking of making a donation that goes towards aid in Africa should read this.

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Daniel Mullane, Patrick Seigne and Peter Lee, Cork – Addis Ababa Cycle

Dr Daniel Mullane, one of Facing Africa’s volunteer anaesthetist has decided to take on a massive challenge in aid of […]

Facing Africa October 2017 Mission video

Presenting Facing Africa October 2017 Mission video with a special thanks to Claire, our wonderful anesthetist, who managed to capture […]

Facing Africa on Savoo Search

We’re excited to announce Savoo Search, Save and Raise as our new fundraising partner, and we’d like to introduce you […]