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Daniel Mullane, Patrick Seigne and Peter Lee, Cork – Addis Ababa Cycle

Dr Daniel Mullane, one of Facing Africa’s volunteer anaesthetist has decided to take on a massive challenge in aid of Facing Africa. Dan discussed his idea with two friends and Facing Africa anaesthetists Patrick and Peter, they both decided to join Dan for his massive fundraiser. From the 8th of March 2020 Dan, Patrick and […]

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Jonathan Large, Coast to Coast 2020

Jonathan enjoys a good walk in his local area but has never walked a long distance before. Recently he read Ben Fogle’s ‘The Accidental Adventurer’ he found the section about Bens time with Facing Africa-Noma very moving, he then decided to set himself a challenge of a 182 mile coast to coast walk for Facing […]

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Neville Upton, MDS 2014

Neville loves the outdoors and having recently sold his business was looking for a major sporting challenge to revitalize body and soul while also helping a good cause. Supporting Facing Africa just reminds me how lucky I am and reminds me that the issues I face every day are relatively trivial compared to the NOMA […]

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James Manners, MDS 2014

I have been lucky enough to take part in the gruelling Marathon Des Sables next year in Morocco. If you haven’t heard of it before it’s a 6 day 150mile race running the equivalent of a marathon each day across the Sahara Dessert in 40c heat while carrying all your food, clothes, cooking equipment & […]

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Benny & Andrea May, MDS 2013

When a friend needed a goal and motivation we decided to join him in the MDS. Then, when, our good friends Gavin & Shelley Phillips of Team Hurt2Help suggested we join them in raising money for Facing Africa we thought it was a great idea. Racing snakes, we are not. Honed athletes with perfect bodies […]

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Peter Galbraith, MDS 2013

My name is Peter Galbraith and I have been living in Dubai for the past 4 years. Having grown up in Australia, I have always been interested in a wide array of sports at a competitive level. When I first heard about MdS I thought it was the most insane race on earth. That was […]

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Debbie Simpson, MDS 2013

For my 50th birthday challenge, I have been inspired by the work of Facing Africa Noma to take part in the Marathon des Sables. I want to raise awareness of what the charity is accomplishing and I hope to raise sufficient funds to help at least 10 children regain the chance to lead a normal […]

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Rufus Hack, MDS 2013

My name is Rufus Hack and I am a 30 year old strategy consultant working in London. I am fanatical about sport playing anything from rugby, cricket, football, tennis, badminton, squash etc… in fact anything that has an element of competition I am into! I love taking on fresh challenges and seeing how hard I […]

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Shelley and Gav Phillips, MDS 2013

Hi! We are Shelley and Gav Phillips and this is our third fundraising effort for Facing Africa under the guise of . Hurt2Help is an idea we dreamt up in 2007 on a road trip to Amman Jordan with a well-earned Corona in hand. Our great idea? To compete, complete & enjoy international endurance […]

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Michael Cumming-Bruce, MDS 2013

Hello! My name’s Mike, I’m 26 years old and live and work in London. I worked as a volunteer in Ethiopian hospitals some years ago and have maintained contacts in that country, particularly in the healthcare sector. This made me aware of realities of people’s lives being destroyed by preventable disease due to poverty. I’m […]

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