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Facing Africa Noma
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Since the creation of Facing Africa in 1998, we have to date raised over £ 2.75 million (US$ 4.4 million).

Our main source of funds comes from the Sahara Marathon (details below) but we also aim to increase general awareness, in order to create a base of regular supporters.

Other generous donors have included ICap (£ 100,000), Ethiopiaid (£ 50,000), The Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation, Michael Palin’s Foundation, HRH Princess Alexandra, Bruce Weber, and many others.



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Facing Africa October 2017 Mission video

Presenting Facing Africa October 2017 Mission video with a special thanks to Claire, our wonderful anesthetist, who managed to capture […]

Facing Africa on Savoo Search

We’re excited to announce Savoo Search, Save and Raise as our new fundraising partner, and we’d like to introduce you […]

God save “America” – America Molla – 3-year old Ethiopian girl with “noma”

This is America (the child with a blue necklace) with her brother, baby sister and her mum (Genet). No member […]

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Our faces are a dynamic canvas, one in which emotions are drawn vividly – the most powerful channel of non-verbal communication. We constantly monitor the faces of people around us because it provides vital clues to an impressive variety of possibilities: emotions, identity, age, humour, whether a person likes or dislikes us, attraction and even background. Imagine that your face is taken from you at the age of 3. Sintayhu is only 15. Affected by NOMA since her early childhood she was shy and withdrawn when she first came to us. Up to now her life has been defined by a huge gaping hole on the right side of her face. In her community, among her own people her identity was determined by the disease, which eaten away her face. She is a delightful character and we hope that her surgery in October 2017 will help her to gain the ability to share their emotions and develop a strong presence with her community and beyond. Picture credit: Emily ... See MoreSee Less

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Our Selam and Tina have been working in the field for the last few weeks, they are traveling in rural Ethiopia searching for new noma patients for May 2018 mission. ... See MoreSee Less

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Facing Africa shared their video. ... See MoreSee Less

This is Legasse, after years of begging on the streets of Addis he has finally got a licence - a new...

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